Apart MICPAT-6 Kuulutusmikrofoni 6 aluevalitsemella

Apart MICPAT-6 Kuulutusmikrofoni 6 aluevalitsemella


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MICPAT-6 is selective 6-zone paging microphone. It has been designed especially for use with the MA247 100 Volt paging amplifier. It’s possible to connect multiple MICPAT-6’s in parallel by using an RJSPLIT. Separate microphone cables are also connected in parallel. Connection to the MA247 is done by a standard CAT5 cable and a separate balanced MIC cable. The maximum approved cable length is 100 meters.

When using more than one microphone, MICPAT-6 automatically detects if another microphone is already paging. This is indicated by an orange call LED. Once the paging is finished, the LED will return to green. To make a paging call, the user can select the zones by pushing buttons 1-6. The buttons will light red in order to indicate that paging for these respective zones is selected. It is possible to select all zones at once by pushing the ‘ALL’ button. The paging call goes out once the user pushes the ‘CALL’ button.




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