Apart MA247MR

Apart MA247MR

 240W 6-zone 100V Mikserivahvistin, radiolla ja mediasoittimella

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The MA247MR is a 240 watts 6-zone 100-volt amplifier system with an integrated FM/AM tuner and a media player that allows playing MP3-songs from a USB memory stick or SD-card. This mixing amplifier has been improved with 24-volt dedicated priority output per zone for more listening and operating comfort. Control the volume in 6 different zones, have a different sound source in one zone compared to all other zones or do selective paging in all zones without interrupting the music in the other zones. There is nothing like this on the market! It can be used stand-alone, or as the core of an expandable sound system.

Because the MA247MR offers independent source selection for zones 1 and 2-6, it can be used as a multi-source zoning system. Zone 1 is a fully independent pre-amplified zone and allows the installer to use an external power amplifier to amplify it. It is especially useful for large areas that require many speakers, like factory production areas. This has the advantage that the installer can use the external amplifier to suit his power needs for that zone.

5+1 zone 100V mixing amplifier with
Tuner/MP3/USB/SD, 240W





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