LD Systems AM 8


LD Systems AM 8

Automatic 8-channel Matrix Mixer

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  • 8 channel automatic mixer

– Dual output matrix with up to 8 open channels each – Balanced mic/line inputs and outputs – Channel grouping, up to 5 groups – Front panel encoders for intuitive manual operation – LED rings and master meters for easy level monitoring – Comprehensive connectivity for networking and remote control – 96kHz/24-bit processing – Dedicated software featuring I/O parametric EQ and output limiter

The LD Systems AM8 is an 8 channel automatic matrix mixer with balanced mic/line inputs, 96kHz/24-bit internal digital signal processing and a 20 Hz – 30 kHz frequency response. Rear panel RS-232, RJ45 and DB-25 connectors ensure networking capability, remote software control and monitoring while AES/EBU and dual master outputs provide analog and digital connectivity.

The AM8 priority feature is individually selectable for all channels with automatic or manual threshold setting. Front panel encoders with LED meter rings and peak indicators allow manual gain adjustment in 1 dB steps, input sensitivity selection and priority switching. A master encoder with dual LED meters provides gain control, output 1, 2 or both and mic/line level selection plus easy signal monitoring.

The AM8 software adds comprehensive configuration, management and control convenience. It includes phantom power switching, a 35 – 150 Hz high pass filter, high and low shelving or 5-band parametric EQ with variable Q for the input channels as well as a 15-band parametric and limiter for each master output.

The mixer’s channel inputs and master outputs are on terminal block connectors, the cable connectors are supplied with the AM8. The rear panel also features mini-DIN connectors to link up to 16 units for master/slave operation.

Product type


Input area

Total Input Channels
8 (Mic/Line switchable)

Connector Input Channels
Back Panel: 8 x 3-pin terminal clamp connection

Input Sensitivity Mic Input
8,7 / 800 mV

Input Impedance Mic Inputs
2 kOhm

Input Sensitivity Line Inputs
-1 dBu

Input Impedance Line Inputs
8.4 kOhm

Phantom power
48 V

Line / Microphone Display Elements
ACTIVE (priority function, green LED) , Gain Level (blue LED crown, 16 segments) , LINE (green LED) , PEAK (red LED)

Output area

Total Output Channels

Connector Output Channels
2 X 3-pin terminal clamp connection (analogue) , 3-pin terminal clamp connection, AES/EBU (digital)

Controls Element Output Channels (MASTER)
Endless input dial (with increments, 24 steps) , Gain (1 dB increments) , Master 1 or 2 switch , Output Level MIC/LINE

Controls Element Output Channels (THRESHOLD)
Auto / Manual (manual: adjustable threshold level) , Lock (lock front panel controls) , Master/Slave (for LINK function)

MIC/LINE Output Levels (adjustable)
20 dBu

Output impedance
100 Ohm(s)

Output Area Display Elements (MASTER)
LINE (green LED) , Master 1 / 2 (2 x green LED) , Master Level (amber LED crown, 16 segments)

Output Area Display Elements (THRESHOLD)
AUTOMIX / MANUAL (green/red LED) , LOCK (locked user interface: red LED) , MASTER / SLAVE (Master: green LED)

Controls Element Back Panel
RESET (device settings)


DSP Functions
8 x 2 Matrix , Automix , Dynamics (compressor/limiter) , EQ , Gain

Resolution and sampling rate
24 Bit / 96 kHz


Controls Element Input Channels

HPF Input Channels
35 – 150

EQ Input Channels
bypass , Frequency 20 Hz – 20 kHz adjustable in 1-Hz increments , Parametric 5-band or shelving EQ (+/-15 dB) , reset , variable Q-factor (0.3 – 20)

Gain Range
60 dB

Mute Level Decrease
95 dB

Controls Element Output Channels

EQ Output Channels
bypass , Copy EQ , Frequency 20 Hz – 19.8 kHz adjustable in 1-Hz increments , Parametric 15-band EQ (+/-15 dB) , reset , variable Q-factor (0.3 – 20)

Dynamics Processor Output Channels
Attack (10 ms – 2 s) , Ratio (compressor 1:1 – 10:1, Limiter) , Release (10 ms – 2 s) , reset , Threshold (-80 dB – +20 dB)

Max. Number of Open Channels

Automix – Max Hold Time
2 s

Remote Control
RS-232 (Gain Control, Mute) external control , TCP/IP Ethernet for PC software (Full Control)

General data

Number of Zones

Max. Number of Slave Unit

Installation Height
19″ / 1 U

Other Connections
EXTERNAL CONTROL (25-pin D-sub) , LINK IN / LINK OUT (MiniDIN4-M) , NETWORK (RJ45) , serial RS-232 connection (9-pin D-sub)

Additional Display Elements
power LED

Frequency response
20 – 30000 Hz

Signal-to-noise ratio
85 dB

Noise Level
-120 dB

87 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

Start Time
8 s

Power consumption
14 – 30 W

Operating voltage
110 V AC – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz

481 mm

44 mm

232 mm

2,58 kg

Accessories (included)
11 x screw terminal block , MiniDIN4-M-link cable , PC software installer , Power cord


Paino 2,4 kg (kilogramma)


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