Sliding-door drawer

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Sliding-door drawer for building a sliding door system in cases. To be mounted on the sides, top or bottom. Best used with top edge capping 6145 and sprung sliding latch 16540.

  • 415 mm sliding length


Adam Hall hardware

Adam Hall is a key international player in the pro audio, light and event industry, not to mention the specialist musical stockist industry. Many sector insiders know Adam Hall as the leading manufacturer of flight case fittings and components for the production of safe, flexible transport containers for events technology and industrial use. While this still remains a core competency, it is only one of many. Adam Hall develops and produces professional, innovative audio and LED lighting solutions for stages, studios, radio, fixed installation and even live sound - and all with growing success: it is today regarded as one of the world’s top 25 manufacturers in the field of professional events technology.
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