Cameo AUROBEAM 150

Cameo AUROBEAM 150

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7 x 15 W RGBW LED Unlimited Moving Head
The Cameo AuroBeam 150 is an ultra-fast moving head with unlimited Pan and Tilt movement, 16-bit resolution and a 3,600 Hz refresh rate. Seven 15 Watt Quad RGBW LEDsproduce rich colours, fresh pastel colours and vibrant shades of white with a 12° beam angle and a light intensity of 50,000 lux; the Single Pixel Control ensures impressive Pixel Mapping effects.

The professional features of the AuroBeam 150 include a low noise temperature controlled fan, powerCON mains connectors from Neutrik and 3- and 5-pin inputs and outputs for the DMX signal. It can be operated fully automatically with programmable scenes or music, or used in standalone, master or slave mode; when using DMX, 5-channel, 11-channel, 19-channel and 41-channel control modes are available, featuring among others dimmer and strobe functions.

The rugged black metal and ABS housing of the Cameo AuroBeam 150 has 6 buttons and a backlit display for easy operation. The Moving Head can be used with all mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts and is sold with a power cable and an Omega mounting bracket.


  • Item Number: CLABEAM150
  • Product Type: LED moving light
  • Type: moving head
  • Colour Spectrum: RGBW
  • Number of LEDs: 7
  • LED Type: 15 W
  • Refresh Rate: 3,600 Hz
  • Beam Angle: 12°
  • DMX Input: XLR 3-pin male, XLR 5-pin male
  • DMX Output: XLR 3-pin female, XLR 5-pin female
  • DMX Mode: 5-channel, 11-channel, 19-channel, 41-channel
  • DMX Functions: Pan/Tilt, Pan/Tilt fine, Dimmer, Strobe, Pixel-Control
  • PAN Movement: infinite
  • TILT Movement: infinite
  • High-speed Stroboscope: > 30Hz
  • Standalone Modes: Show, Sound Control, Auto Run
  • Controls: Value Down, Mode, Enter, Value Up, +, –
  • Display Elements: colour LC display
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 130 W
  • Power Connector: Neutrik PowerCon IN/OUT
  • Housing Material: metal, ABS plastic
  • Housing Colour: black
  • Cooling System: large, temperature controlled fan
  • Luminous Intensity: 50,000 lx  1m
  • Width: 375 mm
  • Height: 260 mm
  • Depth: 180 mm


Paino 4,8 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 26 × 37,5 × 18 cm (senttimetri)



Lyhyessä ajassa Cameo® on kehittynyt johtavaksi tuotemerkiksi ammattimaisille valaistuslaitteille. Tuotevalikoimaan kuuluu yli 100 innovatiivista LED-valaistustuotetta ja lisävarustetta monenlaisiin sovelluksiin - pienistä klubeista aina suuriin tapahtumiin, teattereihin, tv-tuotantoon, vuokrakäyttöön, kiinteisiin asennuksiin. Finnaudio tuo maahan Cameo valolaitteita. Alta voit tutustua osaan Cameo valikoimasta. Jos olet kiinnostunut Cameo tuotteista ota yhteyttä meihin. Voit tutustua tuotteisiin myös online kuvastosta, kuvasto aukeaa uuteen ikkunaan. Cameo Catalogue Cameo Zenit Brochure
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